A Great Resource For Fantasy Writers

There is a guy at one of the message boards I frequent who is a retired professor. He writes some excellent blogs about applying History to fiction. I wanted to link some of them here for your benefit.

Pirates: https://mythicscribes.com/history/pirates/

Bathhouse Keepers: https://mythicscribes.com/history/bathhouse-keepers/

Money: https://mythicscribes.com/history/money/

It's a Woman's World: https://mythicscribes.com/history/christine-de-pizan/

Barber Surgeons: https://mythicscribes.com/history/barber-surgeons/

Wagons, Carts, and Trucks: https://mythicscribes.com/history/wagons-carts-trucks/

And here is a link to more of his work: https://mythicscribes.com/author/skip-knox/

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