I am Sisyphus and...

..my novel is the rock. Not Dwayne Johnson. Another Rock. A bigger rock, rough and irregular. And for the past 6 months it has tumbled back over me every time I made some headway pushing it up the steep incline of editing. Several months back I gave up and switched to other projects.

A couple nights ago I dove back in. I was looking for a good quote to share for #1LineWed on Twitter.

I read a couple pages to find that quote. And then the best feeling hit me. I wondered, did I even write this? I had forgotten it almost entirely (well, at least the specific word choices, punctuation, etc.). What a blessing. My mind can finally wander through the words and enjoy them again. I can make some proper edits now and see difficulties that I missed on previous readings, when I was still too embedded in what I wrote.

I don't want to let this bit of inspiration get away from me. So I've signed up for a NaNoWriMo online summer camp (there are cabins and they're co-ed, so watch out).


My goal is to finish editing and revising ALL of my chapters this month. I have committed to spending at least one hour a day on writing and revising. Fingers crossed. Here we go.

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